never doubt the words of xiahism

Kyuhyun / All About Super Junior (Treasure within Us) preview

Kyuhyun / All About Super Junior (Treasure within Us) preview

Episode 1-7: Gong Shil & Joong Won + physical contacts

"i have changed."

favourite korean dramas
↳ master’s sun
”People sometimes find what they lost at an unusual place or arrive at an unusual place by getting lost on the way. We think of it as luck or misfortune from coincidence. But not all of that is coincidental.


Minimalist Posters - Super Junior albums

in which henry voices his dreams...


140705 SITR (CR: ParkHeeYoung13 & kellhuang IG)

Rapper Kyu strikes again


Coldplay piano sheet music + music videos

fully inspired by [x]

kyuhyun being kyuhyun and dancing alone.

Gunhee instagram update feat. Heechul in some fan fic inspiered, pov type shit


It’s okay, bb~ No need to cover up (-‿◦☀)